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Buy Flagyl online

by John Smith (2017-04-28)

The incoming "Metronidazole" in the "Flagyl" has the ability to immobilize treponemas, which can lead to a false positive Nelson reaction.
The drug has a high anti-trichomoniasis and antibacterial efficacy, proven in a number of clinical studies, so most reviews about "Flagyl" from the doctors are positive.
The composition of the drug "Flagyl" includes the active substance "Metronidazole".
"Flagyl" is intended for intravaginal use.
"Flagyl" is a medicine drug with antiprotozoal and antibacterial effect, intended for topical application in gynecological practice.
During menstruation treatment "Flagyl" should not stop.
"Flagyl" has a wide range of antiprotozoal and antibacterial effects.
Contraindicated use of "Flagyl" during pregnancy and lactation.
"Flagyl" causes ethanol intolerance.
If a long-term "Flagyl" is needed, hematologic parameters should be monitored.
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Therapy "Flagyl" and analogues should not last more than 10 days, and the courses should be repeated more than 3 times a year.
When taking "Flagyl" is contraindicated the use of alcohol, since it is possible to develop effects similar to the effects of disulfiram (vomiting, a feeling of heat, tachycardia).