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My First Menstrual Cup

by Demi Period Cups (2016-10-10)

Review: This was my first menstrual cup after hearing about them from a women friend here in the USA. I bought this brand of menstrual cup because it was most readily available online and one of the cheapest brands ($27 when I purchased it a year ago). Buying the cheapest and the most readily available menstrual cup brand turned out to be a poor decision because for a year, Menstrual cups reviews | Where to buy I've put up with constant leaks and stains and ruined many pairs of underwear. I'm a 22 yr old asian female with no children so I got the pre-childbirth model. Even though it was the smaller size, I found the cup was still too big for me. During the first few months of using the cup, I had trouble folding and inserting it because of the cup's unnecessarily thick and rigid rim. Later, I perfected the folding technique (using the "origami" fold I found online) and was able to insert the cup in with no problem. However, the menstrual cup had trouble opening in my vaginal canal because the rim of the cup (the widest part) was wider than my vaginal canal. The cup readily collapsed due to my vaginal muscles. I was not able to get a good suction (required to stop leaks) no matter how I twisted and turned the cup because the cup would not open properly. Despite the leaks, I persisted to use the cup for a year because it was still more convenient than having to change tampons and pads every few hours.

During my most recent period, I accidentally dropped the cup in the toilet, and I decided that it was time to get rid of the Diva cup and search for a new brand. This time, I decided to research and conduct reviews of other menstrual cup brands. After researching menstrual cups, I realized that sizes vary between different makers of menstrual cups and menstrual cups are NOT one size fits all. Menstrual cups reviews | Where to buy I also learnt that the Diva cup is one of the widest and longest menstrual cups!! In my opinion the cup was not only too wide for my body but also, too long!

Other than the size and fitting issue, the cup was also rather difficult to clean. Blood particles got trapped in the cup's markings and grooves as well as the four pin-sized holes near the rim of the cup that are supposedly critical for suction. "Divacup" raised writing on INSIDE of the cup! It's a horrible design because blood gets stuck in the etching. The stem of the cup is hollow so blood got trapped in that space as well. I even had to trim the stem because it protruded and irritated me. Since the cup was so long, I found the stem unnecessary. I could just remove the cup by grasping the end.

One good thing for me about this menstrual cup is the cute bag it came with. However, I think most other menstrual cup brands have cute packaging for their cups as well.

Overall, I would not recommend that smaller ladise buy this menmstrual cup (however you want to interpret that), teens, and those with a low cervix. The Diva cup is simply too large and too long.

Review Update: I recently bought a small Luna. It's probably 2/3 the size of the Divacup. The silicone is also easier to fold because it's softer. I did some "dry runs" and I can get a perfect suction every time. The stem of the Luna cup is also very pliable and soft so it almost acts like a silicone string used to pull the cup out.


Re: My First Menstrual Cup

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Re: My First Menstrual Cup

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Re: My First Menstrual Cup

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