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Top Positive Menstrual Cup Review

by Demi Period Cups (2016-10-07)

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Review: Large Clear Menstrual Cup Is Best Menstrual Cup for Collecting Menstruation Flow - Large Clear (Health and Beauty)

I have just completed my first cycle with this menstrual cup, and I was most delighted with it! I've used tampons for years, and this cup took me a few days to get the hang of. Now, if you're not familiar with the anatomy of your inner lady bits, learning how to use these menstrual cups will make you get to know them a lot better! There are a number of different folds to try out (YouTube was a good resource for this, as others have mentioned in their menstrual cups reviews, and I found the best fold that suited me was to simply fold it in half. It's easiest to insert when sitting on the toilet, bearing down and relaxing your muscles (if it's still too difficult, squatting in the shower might be more helpful). This cup is quite soft, so I didn't get feel it "pop" open like I was expecting. To ensure that it's open inside, you have to gently move your finger around the cup (rotating it too helps) and make sure it's unfolded on all sides. If it's in properly, you won't be able to feel it.

During my mesntrual cup review i was concerned about the stem seeming rather short (I'm used to the 3 or 4 inches of tampon strings lol), but the trick to removing the cup without much discomfort is to let your vaginal muscles do the work -- sit on the toilet (or squat in the shower), and bear your muscles down and relax (like you were when you were inserting it). This'll help bring the cup significantly lower and make it easier for your to reach in, pinch the cup to break the suction seal, and remove it easily.

I became a little frustrated the first few of menstrual cup use, however once I had found my perfect "fold" and knew exactly how to remove it, it became awesome. Plus, I think it actually cut down on any "menstrual odor", no more tampon reek (sorry TMI). It's not irritating like tampons, and I loooooove that I can use it when I simply *THINK* I'm getting my period (no more wasted pads/pantyliners for "just in case"!), all the way until I'm just spotting (no more "light" tampons drying me out down there). I change it twice a day at the start of my period, but after that it's just once a day until I'm done. I recommend using a pantyliner with it for the first few days (or first couple of cycles if you haven't gotten the hang of it yet) until you get used to inserting it properly.

I now understand that it takes more than than simply being positive, having awareness and concern to tackle the complicated menstrual cups online review ecosystem. I'm also delighted to have conducted this Top positive review and for the fact that i found and was able to buy this Supreme menstrual cup online before shelling out for the pricier Diva and other cup brands. This is A SUPERIOR quality menstrual cup coupled with a Top Positive online customer service experience.

I'm 25 years old, never had any children, and for this review I ordered the large size menstrual cup online.

Finally, the Harvard Business School recently did a study that focused on online reviews for menstrual cups, and found that a one star increase in Yelp rating led to a 6 – 10 percent increase in online revenue.