Students’ and Instructor’s Attitudes and Receptions of the Viability of Using A Flipped Classroom Instructional Model In A Technology-Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) Classroom

Taotao Long, Joanne Logan, John Cummins, Michael Waugh


The flipped classroom is an instructional model in which the students are initially exposed to subject matter concepts outside classroom through instructor-provided video lectures or other pre-class learning materials, and utilize classroom time for active learning, such as problem solving and group work. The Technology-Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) classroom is a small capacity classroom equipped with multimedia projectors, white boards, laptops, and tablets, and that utilizes modular tables for flexibly configured working arrangement. This paper reports the initial findings from interviews with five students and the instructor about their experiences, attitudes, and perceptions regarding the Flipped-TEAL instructional approach, which is the use of a flipped classroom instructional strategy in a TEAL classroom. This paper also reports the participants’ suggestions for improving the teaching and learning efficiency in the Flipped-TEAL course.


the flipped classroom; TEAL classroom; interview

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