Enhance Students’ Learning in Business Statistics Class Using Video Tutorials

Guolin Lai, Zhiwei Zhu, Douglas Williams


As a supplement to traditional classroom instruction, online video tutorials were created and made available as just-in-time support to enhance undergraduate business students’ academic performance in a required introductory business statistics course. The study showed the availability of video tutorials enriched students’ learning experiences and enhanced their academic performance. The results suggest that the learning benefits of the video tutorials were instrumental to those students with a final course grade B or C because these students were struggling to understand the course materials in the class. While those students with a final grade of A, D, or F might believe that they either totally understood everything or they were absolutely lost in the class. In either case, these students might believe that studying the video tutorials added no more value to their understanding of the materials presented in the class.


Statistics learning, multimedia learning, video tutorials, technology-enhanced pedagogy, technology integration, instructional technology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14434/jotlt.v6.n1.21161


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