Using eCoaching to Improve Practice of Novice Teacher Educators

Kelley Regan, Margaret (Peggy) Weiss, Anya Evmenova


Coaching is becoming a more widely-accepted model of support for both preservice and inservice P-12 teachers. With the use of technology such as Bluetooth headsets and live streaming, coaching has become less intrusive and more “in the moment.” In this case study, we describe the use of an eCoaching process for two PhD students who taught courses in a teacher preparation program of a higher education institution. The four-step process included (a) observing the PhD students teach, (b) collaboratively developing instructional goals with the coach, (c) providing performance feedback while coaching, and (d) reflecting on the process with the two PhD students who were teaching undergraduate courses. Findings indicate that eCoaching was well received and provided multiple opportunities for both PhD students and their coach to reflect on instruction as well as the eCoaching process. Implications for practice and future research are discussed.


teacher educators, doctoral preparation, virtual technologies, supervision, coaching

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