Student Perceptions of Classroom Engagement and Learning using iPads

Timothy T. Diemer, Eugenia Fernandez, Jefferson W. Streepey


Many colleges and universities have launched iPad initiatives in an effort to enhance student learning. Despite their rapid adoption, the extent to which iPads increase student engagement and learning is not well understood. This paper reports on a multidisciplinary assessment of student perceptions of engagement and learning using iPads. Student reactions following single and multiple classroom activities using iPads were measured via a survey asking them to rate their learning and engagement using a 5-point Likert scale. Responses to the questions were grouped into thematic categories of Perceived Learning and Perceived Engagement. Students who reported a high level of engagement while using iPads reported a high level of learning as well. No effects due to age, gender, or language were found. Students who characterized themselves as comfortable with modes of e-learning reported significantly greater levels of perception of learning and engagement. Those who reported being comfortable were more likely to use iPads for learning and professional development in the future. Furthermore, a number of students who initially described themselves as somewhat uncomfortable with e-learning technology also reported interest in continuing to use iPads.


iPads, e-learning technology, learning and engagement, student perceptions

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