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Demi Period Cups

Affiliation Getting your period is normal. It's also normal to have lots of menstrual cup questions during your period. Here are some period cup answers.
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Great period cup instructions, comfortable fit, and a highly sustainable menstrual product. Goodbye to tampons!

I've been wanting to switch from traditional feminine hygiene products to something more sustainable like menstrual cups for some time, and now that I finally have- I'm glad I purchased this period cup brand. The instructions are rather simple, and come with many menstrual facts that made me glad I bought this cup - such as: the average woman uses 10,000 + throwaway sanitary products in a lifetime. That's a ton of cotton! and a LOAD of waste.

It was my first time ever using menstrual cups, (Luna Brand)  but they literally walk you through it step-by-step in the instruction guide, providing multiple options for inserting it comfortably on your period. Sure, cleaning the cup can be a bit strange and not for the queasy- but it's all very natural. I've only had a couple of issues with it so far- and that was not emptying it enough on my heaviest day, and letting it sit too high so it didn't capture everything- thus, a user error more than a product flaw.  The period cup is meant to be emptied every few hours during the heavy period days, and stays in comfortably all night during the lightest days. This one arrived from Canada to me whilst visiting in the UK in less than 2 weeks, pretty quickly and reasonably priced!